Underfloor heating is a concept that is gaining some traction in north Indian luxury homes recently. We have been receiving requests from homeowners and designers alike about its suitability and compatibility with engineered wooden flooring in India. 

While engineered wood floors are naturally warmer as compared to say marble or tile, during the extreme cold of north India, underfloor heating can provide additional comfort underfoot. Normally underfloor heating is installed during the construction phase rather than retrofitted. If you already have an engineered wood floor installed, retrofitting may be possible but it may entail additional costs. If you are planning to build a new home, it is a good idea to plan for it during the initial design phase. 

Coming to the issue of wood floors being compatible with underfloor heating, the broad answer is ‘Yes’. Having said that, make sure you choose a good quality engineered wood floor as exposure to additional heating would add some stress to wood and the construction of the engineered flooring plank should be of good quality to be able to remain stable. In addition, engineered wood floors are a better option over solid wood flooring as they are much more resistant to movement due to their engineered construction. On a side note, some people have an apprehension that engineered wood floors are not as durable as solid wood floors. You may want to read this blog to clarify this misconception.

Overall engineered wood floors retain warmth, allow the underfloor heat transmission to go through and help maintain a regulated indoor temperature.


Comfort Underfoot

The biggest advantage is a comfortably warm floor to walk barefoot upon. This can be a big point of comfort during the winter months, particularly for a cottage up in the Himalayas or the chilly winter mornings and nights in the north Indian belt.

Consistent Warmth

Underfloor heating distributes the heat evenly around the room particularly with engineered wood floors. This means that the entire room will be cozy as compared to using an independent floor heater.

Save Energy

Underfloor heating is said to be an energy-efficient option as well as an evenly distributed warming system as it heats the entire floor area and not just spots as happens when using independent heaters.

Design Flexibility

Underfloor heating is a discrete heating option as the heating system is hidden under the flooring. This means that you can design your home without having to consider the placement of floor radiators giving you greater design freedom and a cleaner, neater aesthetic in your home.

Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating

Installation Cost

Underfloor heating can be pricey to install adding upto your project cost. In addition, you will need to ensure that you find a technically competent person to install it correctly. It is a comparatively new subject in the Indian market hence vendor selection would be the key.

Compatibility Issues

All Engineered wooden floors may not be compatible with underfloor heating, especially if they are not designed for this type of heating system. It is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations before installing underfloor heating with engineered wooden floors.


Underfloor heating requires maintenance and floors should be kept clean to ensure optimal functionality from your underfloor system.

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