Installing wooden floors the right way!

Written by Satinder Chawla

February 21, 2022

We often get this request – Can we do away with the profile at the junction (where the wood floor meets the other flooring)? The request is understandable as the Designer or the End user have their focus on how to make the flooring and the details look best! So how do we reconcile the need for aesthetic with practical considerations?

Let us first understand why a profile is needed at the junction? Have a look at this video below to understand the what is happening below your floor once installed at the junction area:

We know that wood moves – expands, contracts with changes in airborne humidity. Now as the flooring planks expand, the flooring needs space to expand into as you can see in the video on the link above. If there is no space (the flooring is tightly abutted to the adjoining flooring or any other restriction), then it is bound to go up since there is tremendous physical pressure. This is called buckling. Since we can not abut it (tightly fit it with the adjoining floor), there will be a visible gap at the junction. This gap is what is covered by the profiles at the junction (ref Pic 1 above).

We recommend using Aluminium profiles as this area of the flooring takes the most abuse. Additionally the fixing detail of our Kueberit profiles is excellent and very pertinent for Indian conditions (the flatness of the subfloor is often in question). This makes the overall fixing very sturdy and long lasting.

The problems which crop up if this detail is not properly executed are creaking sounds, movement in flooring panels as you walk on them and eventual deterioration of the plank locks. Coming back to the initial reason for this discussion – The Designers and the end users wanting to avoid it since the usually used wood profiles don’t look so great. This is a very valid reason and they have every right to expect a beautiful outcome. With our beautifully crafted Aluminium profiles, the aesthetic needs of the project can be reconciled with practical considerations.

For more information on how we help architects and designers create some awesome projects, have a look at the link below or reach out to us at 9971509922 or 9212096387.

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