Increasing business with today’s competition can seem tough. And it is. Unless the key delivery of any business or profession is not in place it can be a rough ride. As an Architect or interior designer, your main focus is on delivering “an aesthetically designed and well-executed functional space that fulfils the needs of its occupants and the larger habitat it is a part of”. The delivery of this statement is a key factor in growth. Unless this aspect is fully taken care of there remains but a slim chance of customer referrals and growth in practice. And Product specification and Vendor selection thus become one of the crucial factors in end-user satisfaction. At many practises I have observed this has been relegated to as a secondary function and often given to juniors who are not properly trained in sourcing. This could lead to poor specification in the absence of adequate and incorrect information. As the head of the practice, it is then advisable to spend some dedicated time in keeping oneself updated with the market trends and options.

Now, what in brief are the broad key parameters of high quality and functional building design? And how to achieve them? Let us have a look at the basic criteria which are applicable to any product and how specifically our brand Span floors fits into each. 


As human beings we love beautiful spaces. Research has shown that a beautiful ambience has an uplifting effect on a person’s feelings and well being. However, beauty is a subjective subject. Hence knowing and delivering what the client sees as beautiful objectively is an important point and contributes hugely to the success of the project. At Span floors, we offer a collection of over 200 types of wood floors and a variety of decks and wood facade and cladding options that can help you create any desired effect depending on your client’s vision.


It includes ease of usage, comfort and overall workability. A beautiful house or a building which somehow lacks practicality leads to dissatisfaction at a later stage reflecting poorly on the design and specification process. As such while specifying wood floors, one needs to look at the expected traffic (commercial/residential), building occupants (Adults/Children), care facilities (skilled staff), downtime for maintenance (in case of commercial projects) and other environmental conditions (floor level, air conditioning, dust etc). We have various types from extremely realistic laminate flooring to real wood flooring in engineered and solid wood construction with different surface coatings and floor substrates that can be used based on the specific project requirements. Understanding various possibilities and then choosing the best-suited one can help increase your client’s satisfaction and increase chances of word of mouth.


Sound specifications based on factual data will lead to high level of construction quality. This is a key factor in client satisfaction. And wood floors are no exception. With the ever-increasing demand for construction and renovation, a mind-boggling variety is available in the market today making it difficult to shortlist the correct type. Our sales consultants at Span floors are trained to guide you in the selection of most suitable wooden flooring, decking and cladding based on your project’s specific needs. They will also help you prepare a comparative with other materials and help you arrive at the right product for a particular project. At Spanfloors, we only promote products that are manufactured by top brands in world-class manufacturing facilities primarily in Europe and come certified with the most stringent certifications and realistic warranties.


With exposure to environmental as well as food pollutants at its highest ever, it becomes paramount that the indoor air quality of buildings is also looked at and effectively controlled. Building materials that contribute positively to improving Indoor air quality should be sourced and specified and clients educated on this crucial aspect. Span floors offers extremely low emission wooden floorings certified E1 Low formaldehyde or CARB compliant that is safe for the building occupants meeting the latest most stringent European and US norms for Indoor air quality.


Mindless exploitation of resources has wreaked havoc on our planet in terms of climate change, population displacement, natural disasters etc. A well thought of design takes care of this very important parameter. It is not about future generations anymore. We are already seeing the effects within our own time frames. As an Architect, you have a big role to play on how the future goes. Educating the clients and specifying wooden flooring, decking and cladding made out of certified sustainable wood from certified FSC or PEFC forests is one definite step towards a better future for all.

Technical Competence

The best of the materials can go to waste if the workmanship is poor. Installation contractor selection thus becomes an extremely important factor in the success of any project. We are Span floors take this aspect rather seriously. Our in-house team headed by a qualified architect and civil engineers helps ensure technically correct and aesthetically pleasing installations of wooden flooring, decking and cladding through our dedicated set of trained and competent carpenters. We have executed several complex design demands for wood facades, decks and floorings over the years which have been performing well till date. A host of success stories are witness to the above.

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