5 tips on maintaining your outdoor wood decking

Written by Satinder Chawla

January 21, 2023

Weathered Vulcan decking at a terrace in a home in New Delhi Real wood is a beautiful, natural material and people use it to create amazing outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas such as outdoor decking. It is also used alongside the pool or on terraces with pergolas.However, like any other material, wood also requires some care to keep it in good shape. If you look at it, your deck is exposed to sun, rain, foot traffic, and dirt and can deteriorate if timely and proper care is not given. Particularly, certain geographies in India have very harsh summers/winters/monsoons, depending on where you live.

Follow these 5 tips to keep your wooden decking in prime condition.

i) Periodic washing

Keeping your wood free of debris, coarse dirt, dust, and organic matter, such as leaves, is advisable. Cleaning it with normal water and, if needed using very mild household, non-acidic detergents help. Please note that pressure water jets might not be suitable for your wood deck and may cause damage depending on the wood type.

ii) Water drainage

Ensure water drains away quickly from and below the surface. Prolonged water accumulation can cause mold/fungus to form and cause the deck wood to warp. Check your water drain for any clogging periodically.

iii) Planters & bar be cue grills

Keep a tray for water accumulation below the planters. Continuous seepage and water accumulation below the planters can cause mold and premature decay of wood fiber. Similarly, keep something below your outdoor grill to avoid grease falling and staining the deck.

iv) Re Coating

Keeping your deck recoated annually is a good idea, especially if you want to maintain the color. Since the sun falls directly on a horizontal surface, your wood decking will dry out and fade quickly. An annual recoat will keep the timber protected and retain the original color. Ensure you do not use a film-forming coating like acrylics or lacquers on your deck. They eventually will start peeling and flaking, causing extensive renovation problems later. Quality Oils are generally the best bet in this case. You may consider our latest Silicon coating if you desire a low-maintenance finish for your deck.
Vulcan decking

Low maintenance coating for wood decks – The wood turns a beautiful grey and retains the color longer, avoiding annual recoating – Image courtesy: https://sioox.com/

Not only does our Silicon coating turn into a beautiful, weathered silver grey, but it also protects and strengthens the wood, thus increasing durability.

v) Repairs

Wood is a natural material; as such, some pieces can move, warp, or rot earlier than others. It is advisable to replace the damaged boards as needed rather than wait for the situation to worsen and replace the entire deck.Call now to speak to one of our representatives and find out how we can help you restore your outdoor wood to its original glory!
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