Well, that question came into the mind while I was doing a specialized course on how to structure an organization so that it produces enhanced value for it’s customers??

The specific question that I had to answer for myself was what is our organization’s final product that could be exchanged for money with it’s customers. Well we are and have been selling wooden floors for quite a while now and the answer was simple ‘wood floors’ what else? However, when I got into it a little deeper what I discovered was that what the customers wanted was a “Well installed wooden floor that they enjoy over a period of time” and not simply a good wood floor.

This simple sentence brought into my awareness many more things that were needed to be done to make this statement come true for our customers. So, off we started! Lately we had started giving a complete package to end customers, from suggesting the right floor for their project to final installations and maintenance trainings. We reengineered the entire processes looking at the problems that the market (Architects, retail and project customers) in general were facing.

Now no job is marked complete until the whole process which includes getting signed acknowledgements from each customers are taken stating their experience with Span Floors and if the final end product ‘a well installed wood floor’ which they know how to maintain and what to do if something goes wrong, is achieved. This includes making aware the customers of their responsibilities as well and train them or their staff on care procedures and the other do’s and dont’s..

The effort is an ongoing one with our teams getting continuous training so that the objective is achieved consistently, time after time. Also, with this blog, I wanted to share with you what I am trying to do so that you can write in to me directly in case you experience anything less than what has been stated above at satinder@spanfloors.com!!

More next time..


Satinder Chawla