The story behind my first blog

Satinder Chawla

Hi…this is the story about my decision on writing a blog!

Well, it all started with My dear friend, Akshar! He is a guy with a multifaceted personality and one of his talents is harnessing the power of web in helping people increase their business ( . As he is currently redoing our website (making it much more informative and really user friendly), we wanted something that would make it LIVE and FRESH! Hence the idea from the boss which was “Boss if you want to make the site really interesting, share your knowledge and ideas thru blogs. Write them ! “ Me WRITING, BLOGS!! Now what the hell Is it?? And why do I have to do It??

As usual, he quickly got me to agree that it is required and would be worthwhile and that I WILL HAVE TO DO IT! And to top it all, a deadline by which I have to write a certain nos. God that was some work! So I started! It took me one whole Sunday (over 8 hours continuously) to write only 2! THAT WAS TOO MUCH WORK! This guy is making me work like mad.. I thought!

But that was then. Now, I feel like a pro..(Maybe a little exaggeration) but surely much more comfortable sharing myself and my ideas thru this medium. I do not know how many will read them or find them of value, nonetheless, I write on.

I am beginning to enjoy sharing the learning that I have gained over the years (Over 9 years now and 20,00,000 sft of Installations) and have overcome my initial apprehension about putting my hard earned knowledge out in the open. As a very eminent philosopher once said, A man is only as useful as he can be of help to others! I guess I have realized that all my knowledge or for that matter all I that have gained in life is because someone somewhere helped me. I would not have been here without all that help and support. And so I work!

Au Revoir..