Another year goes by. But just not another one at Span Floors.

As always, we did loads of exciting stuff this year too! Before I come to that, I would like to share a very important Strategic initiative that started bearing fruit this year. The year saw Span Floors 2-year-old foray into direct retailing in the Delhi/NCR market mature. Why we wanted to get into retail in the first place was because of the gap we saw.

What we observed was that most players in the market were just selling ‘Wooden flooring’ but our aim at Span Floors was different! What we understood that the Customer is not buying just a ‘wood floor’. What he is really after is the ‘Experience of joy’ when he sees his place looking great.

In order to achieve the above, it was important that of all the people, me myself and all our team at Span Floors really understands our own products ‘In & Out’ so that we could offer the correct solutions. Thus began our journey into clarifying every technical word that we came across and every issue that crops up so as to achieve the highest understanding. Our sales & back office team is now well trained so as to advise our customers, Architects on their needs. And if I may say so, one of the best in Industry!

Besides correct and ethical advice to ensure customer satisfaction, one of the major issues that we saw in the market was the quality of installation. We clearly saw that bringing the best products was not good enough unless they were installed right. The normal installation practices did not account for various issues like checking the moisture content of the sub floor, checking and informing the customer about site-specific issues that might affect the quality and life of the floor and so on.

At Span floors, we now have a well-defined process which starts from a Site inspection and finishes only when we have a site handover certificate signed from a customer which includes guiding the customer on How to keep the floor looking good for years. Our installation and Quality team are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technical know how and tools to ensure a great installation!

A highly trained team looks after this whole cycle which we see as the most important part, even more than our marketing and sales dept. We know that if we are able to provide our customers with ‘Great wooden flooring – well installed’, we would not need too much of effort in marketing. Our customer’s recommendations will get us through 🙂

So rounding up, some more exciting stuff we did in 2010 was the introduction of a Premium engineered hardwood plank flooring from Poland, Introduction of some fantastic and highly successful laminate floor decors from Austria, A Lovely collection of latest fashion colours in Solid wood flooring from Belgium and last but not the least, we introduced the cutting edge brand in the field of Speciality Exterior Grade Woods called ‘Outwud’ in India (

More next time and have a blasting 2011.