As a designer or architect, you’re responsible for selecting the highest grade flooring for your projects. Your clients are relying on your expertise and history in the industry to ensure their idea and vision comes to life. Working with Spanfloors means you will not only meet expectations but exceed them with high end unique flooring.Spanfloors works thoroughly with architects and designers to help organise your flooring needs. We coordinate with project management companies to ensure that the materials are laid to specifications and within the time constraints. We also add value by routinely creating and sharing valuable information on wood and it’s behaviour so that it could be used in the best manner by the industry and end users.A notable aspect in the wood flooring market is health and safety. With growing concerns about exposure to hazardous chemicals and their impact on health, Indoor Air Quality is being studied and scrutinized all over the world, including India. It is important to be knowledgeable about the current research around flooring materials and how they relate to health.Spanfloors has a mission to ensure all of its flooring is deemed safe. That means we review the ingredients in all of our product. We also watch for industry updates on any news emerging about health hazards in flooring.We are invested in creating strong collaborations with architectural fraternity. We understand that our success together depends on how well we are able to meet customer expectations. With our strong foundation in the area of wood floors, decking and facade cladding, our team has the necessary knowhow to help you select & advice the right products for your client projects.We look forward to working with designers and architects on large scale luxury projects like high end bungalows, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings. Spanfloors are a perfect fit for a high end building that requires impeccable design and world class installation. To work with Spanfloors simply contact us through the phone number on our website or email us at floors@spanfloors.comOur project portfolio shows off the projects we have done at Spanfloors. You may learn more about Spanfloors by visiting our website.