Sharing information quickly and as easily as possible has become an important aspect of any business today. Websites, besides other mediums, play a very important role with the ease of access to the internet and fast download speeds available now. A 24-hour virtual showroom as we call it!

That was precisely the intention we had when we started on the Span Floors website makeover. Our current website looked good (with a lovely model gracing our homepage) however; it lacked the depth of information and ease of navigation. We wanted it to be much more informative and useful for our customers besides of course looking good!

The idea was to provide information in a concise and crisp manner so that our customers, vendors, staff and other stakeholders are able to get a good idea about Span Floors and if we fit into their requirements. And most of all, we wanted it to come from the heart.

We consciously did not use any professional copywriters! The entire data has been directly prepared, edited by me and my dear friend Akshar (he is a master in web technologies and a super specialist in email marketing; visit him at

We at Span Floors feel that today, more than ever, customers are looking at straight, honest advice and not some half cooked information based on incorrect data or training which does not even appeal to a person’s common sense. The new Span floors website is an attempt in that direction.

We intend to keep improving it, adding more information and making it even more user-friendly! Your comments and feedbacks are extremely important. Do keep sending them directly to I shall be looking forward!!


Satinder Chawla

P.S. In case you want me to write a blog on any specific topic or issue relating to the industry, do send in your request. It will be my pleasure to share my views on it.