The flooring industry is expanding at a rapid pace. With so many options to choose from, how do you ensure you’re making the best choice. We encourage you to work with a supplier that cares about safety, sustainability, and quality.Safety, sustainability, and quality are the cornerstone of our business. First, we cannot promote any flooring that is not safe and free of toxins. This means rigorous review of the products prior to becoming part of our portfolio. We keep a watchful eye on the research regarding flooring materials and their effect on health. All of our flooring must be cleared safe before we showcase it in our catalog.Another key element of flooring is the sustainability with which the wood was harvested. You may not realize it, but the way lumber is cut and gathered affects our climate and eventually people. When trees are not harvested responsibly the cascade of effects can be devastating. Flooding, climate change, and the melting of glaciers have all been linked to improper deforestation. Span Floors only sources sustainably harvested wood. This helps to promote those in the lumber industry who are protecting the planet and forests.Finally, quality is an element inherent in all of our products. What separates our selection from a bargain provider is that we have hand-picked all our flooring. We select the flooring based on current trends, the quality of the wood, and distinctiveness. When working on a commercial build an eye-catching floor is a statement of luxury. Span Floors gives you access to a selection of flooring that you cannot find at regular retailers.We understand you want your buildings and homes to be memorable. We create a captivating experience with flooring that will resonate with your clients.Our project portfolio shows off the projects we have completed. You may also see example swatches of our laminate, solidwood, and engineered hardwood. You may learn more about Span Floors by visiting our website.