Recently come back from a visit to the Mecca of wood flooring ‘Western Europe’! Would have been a very cold one (it is always sub zero this time of the year) but for the warmth of the latest wood floor collections!

What I observed was a completely new trend emerging in terms of colours. Although I could see the same starting last year but it was more pronounced and established this year. Dark Wenges, browns seem now to be a part instead of being everywhere and a new wave of soothing pastels (browns, beiges, greys) seem to have caught fancy! What a refreshing change..

The craze about deep textured floors which give a realistic wood feel continues unabated. However, what really caught my fancy were the new introductions in the Kaindl two collection! The collection is now being introduced with a real oak veneer surface, brushed (deep textured) and digitally printed with amazing decors. All in all, 2010 seems to be quiet promising as was 2009!

First shipments are in the process of being ordered and soon you would have plenty of new stuff for your forth coming projects!!

Happy creating..

Satinder Chawla