While large budget home improvement stores have flooring products, they only offer a fraction of the selection of what is available. And that too for the mass end of the market. Span Floors has a clear focus on the luxury wood flooring market where consumers shop for floors based on high aesthetics, premium construction and top quality installations. Consequently we bring the Indian users over 150 wood flooring products to choose from which are meticulously curated for durability, sustainability, premium materials, and luxurious design.

Our team is constantly reviewing the flooring market and adding to our collection. We carry flooring styles that are exclusive to high end European wood flooring manufacturers so you can be certain you have the highest caliber product.

Flooring is a flagship part of any building design so you should make your selection careful and review all the varieties available. After all, flooring is meant to last and become part of a home or building’s legacy.

Choosing flooring should not be a rapid decision. Instead, factors like product type, longevity, materials, and sustainability should be considered. We are here to educate you on the best design choices as well as the most responsible choice for the environment. Furthermore, choosing flooring that is toxin free and which comes from responsibly harvested wood materials is part of being a good head of the family as well as a steward to the environment.

When you choose Span Floors you get the benefit of a team that is invested in your project. We know the best product in our vast catalog which would suit your building best. We will consider your aesthetic and preferences and make recommendations based on the latest trends and the highest quality materials.

Take advantage of the variety and high quality that Span offers. We will save you time, ease your mind, and show you the most beautiful products for your design.

You may learn more about Span Floors by visiting our website.