This was the summer of 2000, we were relocating our office to a new place. Business was growing and we needed a bigger and better place to display our collection of office chairs (we were only into office seating business then). Were really exited about it and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The entire place was designed by us (me and my partner) and the execution was going on.

During this while, we heard of a co. that was doing some nice imported office furniture near our place. We were curious and so went to visit them, to see what were they offering? As we were being shown the furniture, we happened to notice the floor. It looked like wood and appeared fantastic! I had seen these kinds of floors in international magazines only till now and had always thought how great it would be if I could have such a floor myself. Now as luck would have it, the co. we were visiting was also importing this new kind of floor. Some questions and we found that this is called a Laminate wood floor.

I wanted it! Period! My attention was now stuck on how I could find a valid reason to spend our good money to buy this floor without going into kilos of guilt about splurging. Compared to the carpet we were planning to use, the floor was costing 6 times over.

Together we concluded that this product can be sold to our current customers so why not take a dealership and start on a new business – A very valid reason! Now in order to sell this we had to be sure ourselves…after all laminate flooring was a new product for India.

So it followed that we shud invest in a display. And where better to display than our own office?? Problem solved. There was no guilt of splurging was a legitimate business investment and not indulgence.

So there it was! The very next day we had it installed (By the way, it only takes a few hours to install thanks to the technology). And I was ECSTATIC! Our office looked WOW!! Mission complete.

Today both of us have moved on and independently own separate businesses. I am still continuing my affair with wood floors and he continues to expand the chairs line. Fortunately, both businesses have grown substantially and with it us!

Learned that it is not important to do what is hot or the most profitable. One can do what one loves and find a way to make a living out of it. Fortunately I did!