Span Floors is not a bargain flooring provider. We are a company with a mission to provide flooring that is high quality, unique, safe, and sustainable. While it may be tempting to choose a flooring product that is more affordable, there are many long term benefits to select luxury flooring.

When you choose a premium provider like Span Floors you can be certain that you’re adding safe, toxin-free materials to homes and buildings. With budget flooring providers, the origin of the materials is often unknown. This means the flooring could have any number of unsafe toxins, adhesives, or plasticizers within it.

Environmental friendliness and Indoor Air Quality is a main point of concern for consumers all over the world. It is important to be knowledgeable about the current research around flooring materials and how they impact health.

Choosing Span Floors will likely save your business money in the future. By providing the most high quality flooring to dealers and projects, we ensure customer satisfaction. Conversely, when substandard materials are used, there is a high likelihood the floors will break down and disappoint consumers.

Working with us means you have access to the most modern and unique flooring. You want your buildings and homes to be trendsetting, not ordinary. We create a captivating aesthetic with our flooring that will resonate with your clients.

The reason we are so invested in high quality, safe materials is primarily because it is our mission to serve our consumers and the planet. Furthermore, we know if your projects flourish, then the collaboration will continue.

Our project portfolio shows off the projects we have done at Span Floors. You may learn more about Span Floors by visiting our website.