This is a subject that demands attention!

I have been noticing the lack of adequate attention on this seeming trivial but extremely crucial aspect, sometimes, sadly even from professionals. The quality of the subfloor (the floor on which the wood/laminate floor will be installed) greatly determines how the floor will look and feel after installation.

The following are the common mistakes and their effects:

  1. Uneven subfloor – Can cause creaking sounds, will press down at various places, can cause joint deterioration
  2. Wet subfloor – Can lead to swelling/cupping/warping/bowing of flooring planks
  3. Uneven walls – Gaps will be visible between the wall and the skirting

Time taken to ensure proper subfloor preparation would go a long way in enhancing the satisfaction of all concerned and can save much time, money and heartburn later! Do get back to me if you need any further help on the subject..

So long!

Satinder Chawla