Recently we conducted a workshop wherein we invited a few Architects and Interior designers for an interactive session on wood floors. The idea was to move away from standard or traditional advertisement to a better way which could give people real benefit and in the process make us known as well.

I had observed quiet a lot of misinformation or unclarity on the subject during my various interactions in the market (wood floors being a relatively new phenomenon in our country) and the thought emerged why not start an educative seminar on various aspects of wood flooring and help all concerned understand it better?

This was a new idea for us and per my information, a first (and one-of-its-kind) in the wooden flooring industry in India. As I was to deliver the workshop (a first for me also), an anxiety started to develop as the time approached. Nevertheless, it went away after the first few minutes as people started participating with no less thanks to the interest shown by them and the support from my teammates!

We touched various subjects including why wood floors?, what kind of floor is suitable where? Best practices of installation and so forth..

The end result proved brilliant. All participants rated us and workshop a VERY GOOD JOB in their feedback forms and the entire team felt that the effort was worthwhile. The intention (which I had) that all attendees go away with better knowledge and feel more confidence next time they are out to specify any kind of wood/laminate floor seemed fulfilled.

Also, it felt good that people showed interest and took the pain to try this out. The group was a varied mix from professional interior designers to architects to trade sales people and I hope that the knowledge gained would help all to advise their customers better.

Thanks a ton, guys!


P.S.: We will be conducting this or a similar workshop in September 2009 – would be delighted if more of you people come and participate. A formal invite will follow… thanks once again.