The flooring industry is closely linked to our environment. Flooring, most often made of wood impacts our large stretches of beautiful forests. While wood is a renewable resource, it is only truly renewable if it is harvested strategically with an eye toward renewal.

Unfortunately, the flooring industry and lumber harvesters do not always adhere to these forward-thinking methods. Instead, the industry falls prey to the need for speed in order to make money from flooring products. This leads to what is called irresponsible deforestation.

Deforestation led by the lumber industry has not always had a shining track record. Loggers have built illegal roads to access remote forests leading these forests to be lost swiftly. Irresponsible deforestation called “clear cutting” is the process of cutting down entire forests with a clear cut pattern.

In the aftermath, hundreds of acres of forests are leveled, leave animals and plants uprooted and homeless. Eighty percent of land animals call forests home, so you can imagine how the leveling of an entire forest can impact thousands of species.

Deforestation impacts animals habitats, food sources, and shelter. When an animals consistent homed is wiped away in a matter of days, they do not have the ability to find a new way to thrive. If animals do migrate to a new forest habitat, they often encounter danger and peril.

Animals in transit are at risk for being hit by vehicles. Removing habitats also disrupts the delicate balance of an ecosystem. Sunlight that was once shielded by trees is now glaringly strong, causing plants to die. Those plants may have been a food source for specific insects. The cascade of effects can be long and devastating.

Another effect of irresponsible lumber harvesting is wildfires. When forests are savagely cut without regard for sustainability, the remaining forests become more susceptible to fire. Removing trees disrupts the cycle of water between the atmosphere, trees, and plants. With less moisture distribution, forests become dry at risk for fires.

Span Floors understands the importance of maintaining the natural resources in the world. Our natural habitats are home to amazing species, exotic plants and breathtaking flowers. Furthermore, these animals and plants may hold the key to curing chronic diseases like cancer.

If we turn away from sustainable and responsible deforestation standards, we are putting the needs of our planet below our immediate goals.

Span Floors is dedicated not only to beautifully designed homes and buildings, but more importantly we are dedicated to a beautiful and thriving planet. We believe that we can have both the luxury of a well appointed interior, with high end floors and the majesty of lush forests.

Through stringent attention to responsible lumber practices Span Floors is contributing to the vision and movement toward a flooring industry built on integrity.

We are taking the lead in a positive trend in the flooring industry. With our rigorous attention to sustainability, we hope to influence builders and architects to do the same. We seek to educate leaders in the building and construction industry around responsible lumber sourcing.

Through education and influence, Span Floors envisions a world where luxury flooring exists across India and our environment continues to thrive.