I share with you a very important Tech Update issued by NWFA a few days ago via our newest initiative ‘The Span Floors Educational Series Email Campaigns’. We had sent out one on the same to all our beloved customers as well as the respected professional community (Designers, Trade). Our website home page also displays it prominently for the next few days for you to see, if you missed it.

This is regarding the effect of Formaldehyde, a chemical used in many building and construction products including laminate and wood floors. I had covered this topic in myearlier blog ‘WOOD FLOORING & YOUR HEALTH’ dated Oct, 2010. What was known all along (negative effect of this chemical) has just been validated by NWFA – National Wood Flooring Association, USA based on the report from National Toxicology Program, USA. This recent report on Carcinogens by NWFA – 12th edition’ – clearly mentions the possibility of various types of Cancers upon exposure to this chemical beyond a limit.

For our part as responsible consumers and specifiers, before deciding on a product, we could ask ourselves this question – is the product that I am buying/specifying can affect my / my family’s / my client’s health?

On our part, Span Floors sells only floorings which are rated ‘E–1’ or ‘E-0’ from top international manufacturers where you can be sure about the certifications. ‘E’ stands for Emission and both these norms state that the product falls within the European norms of Formaldehyde emission which are considered safe.

For more details, please visit https://www.spanfloors.com/blogs-oct2010.html.