This is the latest in the world of wood flooring!

You can now order and have personalized wood floors created, made exactly to your specifications. This revolutionary new technology enables manufacturing of wood floors (real wood and laminate both) with a design of customer’s choice whatever that may be. Anything that can be photographed, painted or created on a computer, can be recreated on the floor.

Kaindl flooring, Austria, one of the frontrunners of this technology is printing on real wood (Yes, Real wood!!). The flooring plank core made of HDF (high density fibreboard) is covered with a 0.6mm wood veneer which in turn is printed with organic inks using giant printers. The surface is then covered with multiple coats of laquer using the latest nano technology making it suitable for flooring applications. Besides having the custom design option, Kaindl prints wood designs of rare woods that are either banned by authorities due to environmental reasons or are too expensive or are simply impractical in real wood for it’s vast stock collection.

Span Floors stocks the most fashionable decors from this collection. Please do take time to explore the kaindl two collection under the engineered floor section at our website. Alternatively drop in at our showroom (a prior intimation would be helpful) to view large installed floors for a hands on experience. We hope you would like what’s on show.

Cheerfully yours!

Satinder Chawla