Today I share a subject very close to my heart!

Ethics and words like these were just that; ‘words’ for me, practised by great people but away from the life of a commoner like me.. Never bothered or needed to look deeply ever till an event a few years back. I had just returned from a dinner and was preparing for sleep. Got a knock on the main door..around midnight! As I opened the door, I saw my aunt and cousin outside crying hysterically. Sobbing she told me that my dad and my cousin (her son) who were coming back from Shimla from a business tour, have had an accident. I tried to console her saying everything will be ok and even if they were hurt badly, they will recover. Little did I realise that she was in a shock as my father had expired and she did not want to disclose it to me suddenly.

Not knowing still, I left for the accident site immediately only to discover that he was no more. I was devastated! For days I just could not believe what had happened. Failed to understand how god could do that with us? Life changed suddenly.. overnight. That was the start of an extremely difficult and stressful period. Dad’s business issues to be handled, Joint family problems, business division and family split to name a few.

Next few years really got me into a lot of soul searching. I really wanted answers and to get over my deep loss.. Study of religious scriptures, other educations etc followed. Partly relieved but still unanswered as to why that happened, was finally introduced to Scientology by a friend. They have a centre in New Delhi and my friend told me that I should pay a visit.

Still unsure as to what was to be expected, nevertheless went along with his advice and visited the centre. One thing was clear. I was in no mood for more ‘Gyan’. Only wanted clear cut answers that help me understand the riddle that was life. Practical answers that work..nothing less! It has been over 2 years now since my association with them and if I may say, these have turned out to be the most important of my entire life!

I am at peace now and understand life and the source of various troubles each of us face daily in the form of strained relationships, unfulfilling jobs/businesses, stress, sickness, insecurities etc. And not only understand, have received extensive training in the handling and improving these undesirable circumstances with a surety equivalent to that of best workable scientific procedure. The Ethics technology (yes, it is a technology) I have been trained in, makes me look at each part of my life (business, family etc) in a new light. I have understood to the core of my being that I can only be happy if all my actions lead to other people’s happiness as well, a win-win. Not rocket science but took a while for me to clearly get it! In my business it means I cannot indulge in activities that only benefit me or my team.

Each product, each activity, each process is looked and relooked from an angle that it is good for me, my team, my customers, my suppliers and society at large. I have learnt with experience now that Business and ethics make sense. The highest practical sense!! With only a very high level of ethical behaviour can one create an extremely solid and long lasting success.

So long!