Recently we have introduced a new product based on a very simple yet powerful idea.

It is called Elastilon!! The product comes from Eindhoven, Netherlands (the hometown of Phillips, the consumer electronics giant) from a veteran of wood flooring business. Mr. Fred Van Bers, The man behind the invention, has been in wood floors business since 1967…. he noticed the issues that would crop up in case their was too much moisture in the air or the sub floor where a wood floor was installed.

Namely the issues were, the gaps that would arise between planks and in some cases, warping of individual planks. He had the smartness to observe what was happening and most importantly took the time to figure out, why it was happening!!

And Voila! He had his breakthrough idea of Elastilon.

What he figured was that the prevalent installation methods tied the individual flooring plank to the floor by nailing it down or by gluing it but they were not mechanically connected to each other. So when the natural expansion and contraction happened, the planks moved individually and consequently gaps or warping could occur.

Now you may need to look at an actual demo of above or a video in order to fully understand the above. please do get in touch and we can then organize the above for you.

The product has been a hit internationally with sales around the globe rising by the day. Span Floors now distributes this nationally and is training it’s channel in it’s use. The product is also available thru importers, dealers of other brands besides Span floors, who may buy from us and use it for their installations. If you are an Architect/ contractor or an end consumer and would like to use Elastilon, it is compatible with any solid, engineered or laminate floor.

Please get in touch with directly or thru your specialist dealer! Sales enquiries are welcome, from all over India.

So long…